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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathrooms are stripped down rooms, few soft furnishing, lots of hard surfaces and a fair collection of glass, chrome, and other shiny white surfaces. Ensuring the lighting is right in your bathroom is important as well as a wall switch inside a bathroom because getting it wrong could be something that you have to live with every day.

Balance is important. Aim for general lighting like the trimless downlights that provides good light levels with a wide distribution of light. In a smaller bathroom this could be a single light fixture, whereas a larger room would benefit from a dozen downlights.

Break the space into zones on a piece of paper and remember these principals:

– Do not put a downlight directly over a sink but use one either side to reduce shadows.
– Putting a downlight in a shower cubicle is great, but does not work so well over a WC.
– Shadows are your enemy and soft light is your ally. Opal glass diffuses light, metal reflects or blocks.

Finally, choosing the correct light does not mean spending large amounts of money, Lighting Styles offers many budget bathroom lighting options and still obtain great results. We hope we can help you have the type of bathroom you deserve.


More in depth bathroom lighting advice

Bathroom Lights

We suggest you start by looking or thinking about what lighting you have had in your bathroom already.  Is it bright enough? Does it create shadows? If you apply cosmetics in your bathroom do the results look as good in daylight?

Consider having more than one light in your bathroom, a single fitting in the centre of the room will give good illumination to the centre of the room but not much else. The bathroom mirror deserves special attention and a wall light either side will provide good illumination to the face.  Alternatives to wall lights include recessed lights installed above the mirror or a strip light atop the mirror.

For best results why not consider an illuminated bathroom mirror or bathroom cabinet with lighting built in? This not only provides lighting but you can hide all your toiletries inside too. Tasks such as applying make-up and shaving are much harder to accomplish with a poorly lit vanity unit. In this area, good colour-rendering lights are necessary to enable you to see yourself in a natural light whilst reducing shadows on your face.

When light shines only from above or behind, you will see unsightly dark shadows under your eyes and the texture of your skin will be accentuated. Frontal lighting is necessary to reduce both contrast and shadows. How much light is required in your bathroom?  If you currently have a 100w lamp in situ you may want to use 4 x 50w downlights or 4 x 35w downlights to create similar light levels.

You will need recessed fittings because halogen lamps have a reflector built in and have an intense beam whereas a 100w bulb gives out light in all directions. If you install too much lighting in the bathroom you can always lower the wattage of the lamps used in each fitting.

Bathroom lights

Dimming your bathroom lighting is another option by use of a pull-cord dimmer. This will let your bathroom be bright and invigorating in the morning and soft and subdued in the evening. In addition to lighting for the vanity mirror, good general lighting is of maximum importance.

Electricity, water and bare feet can be a lethal mixture. Pay special attention to current regulations to ensure the design of your wet areas are safe. Electric shocks received in wet areas are more likely to be fatal.

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New LED road surface could help reduce accidents in the future

A revolutionary responsive road capable of warning drivers and pedestrians of hazards has been revealed

A revolutionary new LED road capable of detecting pedestrians and warning road users of hazards has been revealed in London. The world’s first responsive road, developed by urban design technologists Umbrellium for insurer Direct Line, uses high definition cameras and LED technology embedded in the road surface and it could significantly cut the number of road accidents in the future.

This LED Technology is bit similar to what we use in trimless downlights and bathroom wall switch we use in our house.

Usman Haque, founding partner of Umbrellium and an architect by trade explained the concept. “We’ve created a road that’s capable of detecting and responding to pedestrians. Two cameras capable of recording hundreds of different variables monitor the 22-metre crossing and once they detect pedestrians or other road users will feed the information to the computer system in less than a hundredth of a second.”

The computer programme developed by Umbrellium uses machine learning to help predict pedestrian movements and creates crossings for them. The road surface is made of high-impact plastic that Haque says could be embedded into asphalt in the future and is capable of withstanding heavy traffic.

Inside the plastic are over 660 LED lights that can be programmed to change colour and create patterns, such as a pedestrian crossing or warnings for road cyclists and cars. Haque failed to disclose the cost of the 22-metre road, but said it had taken the team nine months to construct. 

Haque showed Auto Express several scenarios where the road surface would change colour and pattern to suit different events. One included two pedestrians crossing the street in opposite direction, while a van shielding a cyclist approach the junction. As the van slowed down, the road surface quickly turned red and warned the cyclist that a second pedestrian still had to cross.

Auto Express tried the road for ourselves, too. As we approached to cross the road, the cameras detected our intention to cross and soon a full zebra crossing was created. At the same time, a stop-zone was created for both cars and cyclists to give way to us.

Haque said: “The Smarter Crossing dynamically responds in real-time using technology which has been designed with colours that we know and understand and practical designs that help those on the crossing feel comfortable, confident and safe.

“This is about bringing pedestrian crossings up-to-speed with the rest of a modern-day city. Pedestrian crossings as we know them were made for a different age when the human relationship with the city was completely different.

“Our prototype is waterproof, can hold the weight of vehicles and can recognise the difference between pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists – it’s ready to change the future of how we cross the road.”

Source: autoexpress.co.uk



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