Captain Jacks Drawings – When is a drawing from your photos a great idea?

At Captain Jacks Drawings we love to draw people together with their families – it gives us great satisfaction to bring people together by combining them from their photos. This isn’t all we do, though. There are several different reasons and occasions that a drawing from your photos can be a great idea.

Draw To Remember a Much Loved Pet

Quite often we get requests to draw your furry family members. We can draw you with your cat, dog or any other pet. Or, we can draw your pet in a particular setting on his own so he is the centre of attention. These gifts always come as a great surprise to the recipient and are an especially good way to remember a much loved pet who has passed away. We recently completed a drawing for Ange Murray’s father.

Captain Jacks Drawings Teddy

Ange’s dad’s dog (who was called Teddy) passed away a month earlier and she rightly thought this would be a gift that her dad would love. It’s very difficult to lose a furry friend who has been with you for a long time, and so we’re glad he loved the drawing. It will be a great way to remember Teddy and their time together.

Draw a family member who has passed away with other family members

Another request that is quite popular is for us to draw a family member who has passed away with other family members, bringing together people who it isn’t actually possible to be together any longer. It’s difficult to feel the absence of a loved one on a special life milestone or occasion, and so our drawings are a great way to include all the people you love in that situation.

One of our customers, Jenna Beggs, ordered a drawing for her husband whose grandfather had passed away. Jenna had never had the opportunity to meet her husbands grandad, and obviously his grandad never had the opportunity to meet the children they had together too. 

Jenna’s idea was to have her husband, her and their children included in a drawing with his grandparents on their wedding day. This involved us combining several different photos to achieve the desired drawing. Jenna told us in her review…

“My husband was extremely close with his grandfather and this gave him a little piece of a puzzle that’s been missing for quite some time! Thank you again, it is absolutely beautiful!!”

Here’s the finished drawing we completed from the photos Jenna sent us…

Captain Jacks Drawings Family

To Get the Perfect Photo of Everyone Together

Another popular reason for getting a Captain Jacks Drawing from your photos is because it’s just too difficult to get the perfect photo of everyone together! We all know how hard it is to get everyone together at once in our busy modern lives so that we can take a family photo. BUT even if we are able to do that, it’s even more difficult to get everyone looking their best, especially when there are pets or children involved. Someone will blink, or turn their head, or pull a funny face or 1000 other things… and the photo will be ruined.

The benefit of getting a drawing from your photos is that you can choose the perfect photo of each individual person and have them all drawn together. It’s absolutely the best way to avoid these problems and get that perfect picture of all the people you care about in one image! Take a look and this one we recently completed…

Captain Jacks Drawings Large Family Drawing

If you love these ideas and would like to get a drawing from your photos for yourself or a family member then visit our website and our facebook page. We’re always very happy to give advice and guidance on any aspect of our service and it’s always an honour to draw for our fans. Send us a message on Facebook to check your photos or to place an order!

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